Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Planning For Furniture


Today we did a good scrub of our old place so it's in tip top condition for maximum Bond-getting-backness. We both pretty convinced the place is now cleaner than it was when we moved in.

We then treated ourselves to some yummy Thai and spent the afternoon chilling in our new place and marking out the furniture we want, to make sure it won't be too cramped with it all. We are happy to say everything will fit pretty nicely.
Below is what will be our living room, the cardboard on the left is where our sofa will go, and the cardboard on the right (with the sheets and stuff on it) will be where the desk goes. The TV unit will be along the wall opposite the sofa. The circle in the bottom photo will be a small table for keys and maybe a nice vase of flowers. :)

We are seriously looking forward to this whole decorating thing! :D

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