Thursday, 3 January 2013

DIY Ribbons

On Tuesday I mentioned sitting around and making ribbony things. I also said I would share a picture, and having recently read through my blog a bit I have realised I promise to share a lot of pictures that I then never do, but no more! I shall resolve to keep to my picture sharing promises, beginning now.

I made the ribbons for the present I got for this weekends Secret Santa. I'd pinned a tutorial quite some time back, and had used my memory of it for actual Christmas to decorate a couple of presents I wrapped. I decided for this present I would try and follow the tutorial as true as I could, to get the best looking ribbons. Unfortunately, the paper I had to work with wasn't long enough to use the exact same measurements as in the tutorial, but I kept with the inch-ish shortening for each different length. I used scraps of the craft wrapping paper and covered one side with pretty tape (I love pretty tape, I only have four little rolls, but my are they the coolest thing ever! I may have to start a collection). I then cut the lengths, and got to it. I was also lacking some double sided tape, so used the old folding normal tape trick, which has left the ribbons a little 'bouncy', but I am still super happy with the outcome. :)

I'm not sure if I'm going to count the image as my 365 for the day, I don't quite feel like there is enough colour...but we'll see. :P This colour theme is proving to be a challenge!

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