Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Day 2 - Colours for our home

Today we went out to Bunnings (the Australian version of B&Q) to look at paint swabs, because there is nothing Katie likes more than paint swabs. Seriously, there isn't much. We have bought a cheap fridge (we're so excited to own a fridge!), and are planning on getting a 4 seat dining piece from Ikea for a cheap price...and I'm feeling they could maybe do with a bit of a spruce from paint to make them a whole lot cooler! I'm still a little undecided about painting the fridge, but I definitely want to paint the chairs in the dining set, so we were looking for a collection of colours we like so we can sort out some sort of colour palette for our new little space. Above are some of the colours we chose. We found a little book thing with "Retro Revival" colours in it that I quite liked, so we chose colours from there. It made it a whole lot easier because I pretty much loved every colour! I'm so very excited to have a space to decorate!


  1. Ooooh I like the yellow! Just for the tables and chairs though, not sure about a bright yellow fridge lol xx

    1. I'm loving the yellow for the chairs too! That or a yellower version of the light green. :)