Sunday, 13 January 2013

Heatwave? Pfff.


Unrelated to the photo, but related to the title, Australia is apparently going through quite a heatwave at the moment. Weather people have been all concerned about the heat, the fires caused by it, and the fact that some watery/rainy stuff has not been happening (a kind of monsoon? It apparently normally cools down these high temperatures, I don't know, I was only skimming the article). I think we have somehow, unintentionally, managed to avoid this heatwave as it's moved around Australia. Whilst we were in Canberra, it was Melbourne that was getting super hot. As moved up the country to Queensland for our holiday, the heat moved up to Canberra and Sydney, both places getting to the high 30's. We then leave Queensland before the heat reaches them there, stay in Canberra one night, and leave the morning of a day that is supposed to reach 38 degrees to a lovely Sydney that is cloudy and at temperatures in the 20's. Today there has also been a serious lack of any 'heatwave' concerns in Sydney, with the temperature being mid-20's, the sky being covered in clouds, and now a whole lot of rain. I wore trousers. Black trousers. In Sydney, in the middle of summer, and I was not hot. Tis awesome.

Anyhoo, related to the photo, we went to IKEA! Yay! I love our little trips to IKEA, and am pretty happy that we will probably be making quite a lot of little trips there in the next month or two. We ordered a mattress, it should arrive tomorrow, meaning tomorrow we shall sleep in our new apartment! Yay! We also got a few little bits and bobs we'll need, and some bits of fabric. I don't know if all IKEA's have this, but our IKEA has a little box of fabric offcuts that you can buy, so I picked up a few to eventually do something with. I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with them yet, but I am excited to have them.
We were going to move quite a bit of stuff over to our new apartment (side note: the newly cut keys work, phew!) but the 'whole lot of rain' we have been having this afternoon has been kind of putting us off. Ho hum. Tomorrow we get a fridge AND a mattress, such an exciting day!


  1. Oh heatwaves, the last time england had one of those.. oh wait.. haha

    Excited for your new flat, will you share photos? xx

    1. Haha! So true!

      I will be sharing photos of our new place when it's a little less empty. :P As of tomorrow we will have a mattress, a fridge, cutlery, crockery and cooking things. Hehe.