Saturday, 12 January 2013



Today has been very much up and downs.

We got up at 5:30 to get the bus to Sydney at 7. We only got back the night before at about 11 in the evening, and had to we didn't get much sleep, I was maybe a little cranky. We got a phone call whilst on the bus from the real estate lady handling our new place. She was going to be out until 2:20 doing viewings, so we wouldn't be able to pay our bond and pick up the keys until then. So, we decided to have lunch and then go to Ikea to get a mattress. On the way to the lunch we dropped in to the real estate to find out how they would like the receive the bond payment so that we could have it sorted for 2:20. Bankers cheque or Money order...and apparently we only have about half an hour until banks/post offices close. It was 11:30 at this point, so we postponed lunch to go and sort that out. The bank was closed. 11:30 on a Saturday. Banks need to sort themselves out. Saturday is THE day people have to go get everything done, why banks aren't open is beyond me. It really stuffed us up, because it turns out that I can only withdraw a certain amount a day...and this certain amount was not enough. James took out money too, but we were still quite short. All the money was in my account, and we couldn't get it out. ARGH! I waited in the long line at the Post Office whilst James ran back to the apartment to get all our Christmas money. We were now only $100 short. We hoped maybe I could pay with my card since I was not withdrawing...but no. I am now aware of my daily limit, good to know for our future furniture buying. I left the Post Office in tears. The lack of sleep and money debacle had somewhat gotten to me.
We walked back to our apartment feeling a bit...meh. We tried seeing if I could transfer money to James, and problem solved! I sent money, James took it out, got another Money Order, and ahhhhh. We felt A LOT better. We then had some lunch and sat in the park until 2:20, since we wouldn't be able to pay for a mattress today.
We successfully paid our bond and got our keys. We headed off to see our new place. I don't know about others, but I always make a place seem WAY nicer in my head that it actually was when we saw it, so I was eager to see how this place held up to my memories. Well, that had to wait. We got into the building. We checked the post. We got to our new front door, and the key didn't work. We called our lovely lady and she came over with the office keys. They worked, thank goodness! So, we got to keep that and were asked to make some copies.
Our new place has potential. It's got a few cracks here and there, could have maybe done with a fresh coat of paint, but does the view make up for all that! I'll have to take a photo tomorrow, and will probably take loads more during the year. It's awesome. I have so many wonderful plans for this place. It's going to take quite some time, but we are so super excited!
We then got the keys cut and then spent the rest of the afternoon recovering from the morning/afternoon events.

Let's hope tomorrows plan go more smoothly.

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