Friday, 26 February 2010

Cheer up.

I went to pick up the results for my summative essay on ethnic minorities in higher education this morning. Got 57%...which is quite good. I normally get around that, only done better once whilst at uni and that was on something I found REALLY interesting. Hehe, yeah, but felt a bit down because they said my writing wasn't elegant...which I am fine with, but why that affects the essay I don't know, especially when they say it's logically thought out. ANYHOO, cupcakes!!

Cupcakes are pretty and yummy and cute!! And I love them quite a bit. Here are some pretty pictures to cheer your day up as well as mine! :)

All found at

And if you like interior design James sent me this link today. Some pretty cool rooms, 50 to be exact! :P

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