Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Hi there!

Yesterday I started a painting a little picture for our living room, AND making some pretty paper hearts for the window. :D Yays! It was fun. :) They are not done yet, I need to make more.
Here's a picture, hehe, I am very happy with it.

My photo for yesterday is of the very cool arty way my table is looking at the moment. I think it's pretty cool and despite it being a bit of a mess it makes me very happy.

Hehe. Thought today I would share the wonder that is my room. Hehe. Isn't this a wonderful update? Yes, I thought so too. It's very teenagery. :D Hehe.

I felt pretty yesterday, and zany. Does it show?
Meeting with one of my maths tutors tomorrow, to try and understand Analysis in Many Variables (AMV). Yays! Progress. Missing a seminar to do it, but think it's more important. Thats my update for now. :)

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