Monday, 15 February 2010


Yesterday was Miriams Birthday! She is 20! :O. Seems so weird. 20 seems so grown up, we are not grown up. Hehe. We had a pretty cool day, was relaxed but fun. :)
We had tea in the morning whilst she opened presents from us. :) And then she chatted to family online whilst I painted. Chilled. :P
Then we went to lunch with Will at Zen, YUM!! We were in an oddly lit place so I didn't take many pics. The food was so good and it was a nice little trip out. The weather was SO nice. A little cold but very sunny. :) I bought some cupcake trays on the way back for us to bake with, and then we all wonderd around. I also got some yum sweets from this stand, we LOVE this stand.
Then we went home, and Will went back to his. I finished my painting, photos in another post, and had more tea and watched TV. Then we made some cupcakes with the cupcake holders, and stuck some sweets on top.
Will then came round with Scampi and chips, hehe, fav meal or Miriam and I. And he bought this HUGE cake with him...look HUGE!! Miriam had a piece this morning for breakfast, said she felt sickly after because it was so much!
We ate and then spend the night sitting around watching TV. :) Hehe.
Then blew out candles and ate some cake...yay! All in all I think she had a fab day! :D Yays!

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