Monday, 1 February 2010

Wish list.

I made a to do list for today. it involved sorting out my room, copying up some notes, choosing a summative essay title, finishing the wallpaper on my wall and taking pictures of the Valentines tree. hehe. One of the other things on my list was to look at things I love. :P I don't browse the net enough for things like camera's etc. So thought I'd give myself some time to do it today. :)
Here are some of the things on my 'wish list':

Cool fujifil instant camera, so cool! I remember when I was younger a friend got an instant camera, I was jealous. I think it'd be a whole lot of fun! :)

Lomo camera's! Not something I've know of for too long. i was doing some research for Photoshop tutorials and came across one to give your photos a lomo effect. I really liked the effect so did some researching, and am loving these cameras!! The photos they take are so imperfect it makes them perfect. There are so many cool ones on amazon!
Normal Lomo.

I have also decided that ipods are not for me, since well...I'm pretty useless with technology! And I don't like downloading music, I don't even know how to, so buying and listening to CD's seems like a much better idea. So if I decided to get something for listening to music it would be something like this. I would paint it! :P Black with a grey pattern of some sort...need to personalise things!
Of course you need headphones...hehe. I'd want to paint them too...found it hard to find pics that I like. Fussy me. So was having a look on etsy, there were some pretty cool covers etc. for big headphones, this was one of my favs:

And finally to my list of self-indulgent dreams, a phone! No pics of it. It's a Motorola DEXT, those ones that slide sideways to reveal a little keyboard. I like it because one it's motorola, and two it has GPS on it. I really want to try do geocaching this year, so a phone with GPS on it would be pretty handy. :)

I will be posting again soon, about something I am excited seems to be coming back into fashion. :)

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