Sunday, 31 January 2010


Day 29

Day 30

I keep apologising that my photos aren't great...and so I am now going to try and stop, and just tell you when I'm really excited about how nice one looks. Day 28 was taken before I went out on the stash social. To be honest I should have worn trousers, I don't know what came over me that made me think shorts and tights were a good idea when it was frickin freezing outside! But I am still alive, so all is good.
It snowed over night, and was really sunny today. Was therefore very pretty. :) I love snow and blue skies. Finally got off my bum this afternoon and went into town. Bought the new(ish) Michael Buble CD (love) and 8 canvas's! YAYS! They should last me a while, since I seem to have little time to draw/paint nowadays. Am very happy. I spent the rest of the afternoon decorating our Christmas tree. We didn't take it down, and because of the 'superstition' and the fact that we are lazy and don't know what to replace it with, we have kept it up. I'm decorating it for the different holidays throughout the year, so now it's covered in hearts and pink and purple tissue paper roses. :) I will take a photo.

I'm off to bed now, but here's a pic of feet and snow...because I love both. This was almost Photo 29...I'm still tempted to switch.

EDIT: Have chosen the shoe photo for Day 30! Don't want to change the whole post, so am adding it as an extra!

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