Thursday, 14 January 2010

Bad day = bad photo

Day 13

I didn't do much today. Woke up, checked flights, showered, finished packing and off to the airport. We got there around 13:00 and my flight was supposed to leave at 15:40. So we had a nice lunch, except the dude serving us wouldn't look at us, and ignored us, and liked the people behind us, and never asked if we wanted dessert, and we wanted the yummy looking dessert BUT it was getting late and he had ignored us for too long so we left. It was about 14:40 so I said bye and went through the security people. First, what the hell has happened to the airport? It was soooooo different! like weird, like I didn't know where I was. Second, stupid flight was delayed 2 hours. Poo. So I sat and read, and read some more, and some more. Then we were told a gate, so went to the gate, and read. Then got on the plane...and flew. The view was relly pretty, but hard to take a photo of, so you get the bad photo up there for today! YAY! Yeah, then I came home to an empty house, order chinese and watched TV. Not really that much done!

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  1. they renovated the airport during the summer, but it wasnt finished when i left. wonder wht it looks like now! take a photo nxt time ur there?