Sunday, 31 January 2010


I'm planning to use this weekend to sort my room out, it's managed to become quite a mess this week! I have notes that need organising, floors to clean, clothes to hang up, rubbish to throw out, passport to renew, and maybe some art time. I really don't like my new seems to take up so much time, I'm either at lectures or exhausted from lectures, and by the time I'm done with one the other starts...does that make any sense?

I'm going to try make myself some little routines, and maybe creates rewards for doing my to-do lists, because at the moment I have very little motivating me to do a lot of them. :)

I think I need to try and not get glued to my computer. I tell myself this a lot. But I find it hard, because it were James lives. Hehe. I don't like leaving it when I could be on it talking to him. It's ok when I have to go for lectures, but when it's something without a deadline, like shopping, or tidying, or tends to get pushed further back and back. Hehe.

I will stop this. I will organise myself. I will do things that I love. :)

Pictures coming soon. :) Yesterdays is a bit on the not-so-good side. Longest time I spent at home yesterday (awake that is) was about 1.5hours. Ho goes on.

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