Monday, 11 January 2010

Frizzy Frozzy Frozen!

Day 10

Today started off looking very pretty! See look above. SO pretty, very nice, sunny, warm looking. BUT DO NOT BE FOOLED! It was freeeeeeezing!!! So cold! I froze myself to the point of feeling ill when we went out skiiing. My hands were almost as pink and my nail varnish, and I couldn't feel my toes, and i could hardly talk properly from my face being so frozen! eeek! It was pretty though!
I took comfort and warmth in our little Chalet. I love our Chalet. It's so pretty and cute and warm. :) I worked on my essay whilst nice and cozy. Wrote about 1000words, it's supposed to be 1500, and I still want to add quotes and a conclusion, so I'm feeling like I had a productive day. :)

Whilst I was working away my dad was outside waiting for a dog race to go past. Hehe. A husky race went right by our Chalet. SO cool! I oculd only see the people making the huskies run from where I was sitting inside but my dad took my camera and took some nice pictures, here is my favourite:
:) We came home after they all had gone past. School starts for Sarah tomorrow. I don't start til the week after. I like to remind her of that. I am a lovely sister!
There has been more snow down here, I'd say around 15 to 20cm. Which in the UK would stop anything from working, so it's quite a lot really! :P

Off to have some Dominos Pizza and watch some Sunday TV with the family. :)

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