Friday, 15 January 2010

How do you get ready to work?

See how ready I am...theres a pen and paper on the table! :O

I still don't know. Sometimes I need coffee and quite, sometimes I need music, sometimes I need to do some tidying and organising inbetween, sometimes I just need to get dressed. Maybe I just need to want to. I am having trouble getting started on my essay. It's due nxt week, and counts towards my degree...and I am not finding it interesting. I found the whole topic interesting before, but I have to write about it. I really dislike essays. I'm pretty sure maths teachers don't need to write essays, so it's not even good practice for my future job! :P Oh well. I want to do my PGCE here, so need to get above 60% overall, preferably above I should try and do well...I CAN DO THIS!!!

If I don't want to work later I will be updating again...

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