Sunday, 17 January 2010


So I reached 800 words, and decorated! :D eeee!! I should maybe have taken a before picture but pfff. Here is the after! I am very happy with it. :D It's in our entrance, the little black squares are stick on chalk boards, pretty niffty!

Got quite a few more words to go until I can attcak the kitchen. I am currently on 1,008 words (thats over half way!) and want to get to 1,500 before I do the kitchen! Hehe...not too far yet. I'm not sure if I've actually made any coherent arguements yet, I seem to keep contradicting myself...but then so do many of my maybe its a good thing? Hehe. We'll see when I get my grade...I'm hoping for more than 50% but would not be upset with 50%.

Back to work I go!

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