Friday, 22 January 2010

A day off.

I spent today chillaxing. Miriam had only 1 lecture today too, and so did Will, so we all sat around chatting, having tea and coffee and cookies, and they worked. It was really nice and relaxing. I love my college wife and husband. :)

Went to the hairdressers at 12:30 to talk to the colourist. They don't let you book a haircolouring appointment until you talk to the colourist, it's a little stupid. Anyways, I told the guy I want to dye the bottom layer of my hair black, like I had done with red and purple in the past. Guy said it'd be a little dated. Didn't make me very happy, and he didn't suggest anything else, so I stuck with my idea. Stupid man. Anyhoo got an appointment for next Thursday! YAYS!!

:) Today has been pretty good.

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