Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Day 11

Haha..yes. I did not know what to do for a photo today. I went shopping and FORGOT MY CAMERA! How annoying! So took a photo at home of random ol' me. I seem to have a need of putting my hand up when posing for the camera...weird I know.

Was not the most eventful of days today. One of my calves (is that the right spelling? makes me think of a baby cow...PS: My spelling sucks) hurt from skiiing, and then I manaaged to SHUT THE CAR DOOR ON IT! Brains or what? So now it hurts more! Yippee...
Being in the car meant a drive to a shop! Score! Leroy Merlin. Oh yes, a DIY shop. I love those places, especially the lights and decorations and displays...ah! the dreams!
After that I introduced my mum to the hilarious Kevin Rudd videos done by Rove, they are on youtube. Look them up!!! Then I did some clothes shopping. Both tops worn above are a result of that. I also got two pairs of shorts (I know shorts...in the middle of the worst winter in a while...but ya know it'll warm up eventually!), another nice top and a SEQUIN JACKET!!! I am excited about that last one!

Yeah thats pretty much my day. I leave on Weds, so planning on packing and washing tomorrow AFTER spending money on more awesomenesses! I shop to ease the pain of leaving! Ha!

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