Friday, 8 January 2010

Oh poop!

My camera battery I can't upload photos until it's charged again. And it died just before we went out to play darts! So I have no photos from that, although I think I probably would have been a bit too shy to take photos (it was with my parents friends).

I had a relatively good day though. I tried to do my essay...but got frustrated with the whole what is Britain thing, and just not knowing enough about it. So I went shopping, of course!! Hehe, I got a dress and a skirt! A shock because I usually wear trousers, although after trying on numerous dresses I think I know why I prefer trousers! I then got some roasted chestnuts in town...mmmm. I had a headache the whole way through all of this which made it all not as much fun as it sounds now (headache is gone!!!).
Then went out to darts. My parents are part of the Geneva Fun League. They had a christmas holiday and start again next week, so tonight was a little practice. This means meal, beer and game. They play at a local pub, it's quite nice, it has a downstairs room for them so it's very personal. Me, my mum and two of the wives (good friends of my mums) sat around chatting most of the time. Twas nice to get a bit of girly time, not had much this holiday!

So photo for today will come tomorrow. I promise it was taken today I just can't load it! :) I really don't want to cheat on this porject and take a photo from a few years ago or something, it's not the point! So even if all my photos from today are ugly I will have to settle with one of them, because it's all I have!! Hehe.

Lots of work to do tomorrow. So maybe it's time for bed! Night!!

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