Sunday, 3 January 2010

The first step.

I was reading the blogs of a few inspiring people, people who make me want to paint more, have fun more and do what I love. Most of these people have done a lot with their lives, they are making and selling their own things or they have families, or they travel a lot, etc. They seem to be doing something with their lives, and they all seem to be in their twenties. I turn twenty this year, which seems a bit odd. I don't feel old enough yet...I don't feel ready. Especially not when I look at what these people have done, but I want to be ready and I want to do stuff! I just find it hard. I don't know how you can go to university AND do all sorts of fun creative stuff...I'm exhausted enough with uni! BUT I want to change that, I want to start something new, set up a little online shop, or just share all sorts of pretty art. :)

Sometimes I wish I didn't need university, but it's a nice thing to have done if your dreams fail...

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