Friday, 26 February 2010

Long day ahead...

I'm not looking forward to it. I think I'm least looking forward to the basketball match at 8...eeek! All the lectures feel a bit pointless to go to because I do just feel like sleeping in them, I am so tempted to I have done the past 2 days...but they are education, and education take a register... It's a bit silly really, like school. They sent out an e-mail a few weeks ago remind us the lectures and seminars were compulsorary because people weren't turning up to the ICE lecture. Hehe...

Have another update of things I love. :D Converses. All colours. At heart I am pretty sure I am a converse girl. I love them. I love photos of them, looking at them and wearing them. They are pretty cool. :) I'd love to start collecting them. I don't know what happened in life, but I sort of drifted away from my jean, t-shirt and converse days. I think it's time to go back to them. They were good times.

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