Monday, 8 February 2010

In the mean time

So, I wanted to paint today. Give myself some awake, productive relaxation. Had it all planned. Have lunch then spread newpaper over the dining room table and paint. But living with other people, and being the kind of person who doesn't like to make people move, I am now having to paint in my room. Adrienne has decided her room is too small to work in and is working on the dining table, with headphones in so it's not even so she can be social with people. I don't get it. And Sasha does lots of washing, and happened to finish it whilst I was having lunch and now it is all hung up in the dining room...not sure she'd be too happy to get paint on them...just a hunch. SO I have cleared my desk so that I can paint on it. Not quite the same, wanted to be a bit more social with my painting and chat to people...but oh well, we can't have everything can we?

Thought that whilst I come to terms with my plans so annoyingly being ruined I would share pretty pictures from Sony Bravia ads. Incase the videos were not interesting enough. :) If only it was sunny here I would be VERY inspired, but as it is gloomy and wet I am only a little. :P

Exploding paint. :) So pretty.

Bunny rabbits. Sometimes I wonder if I should go into a career where I get to do things like this. Maybe I'd need to do some sort of art degree though, or do more art atleast.

The bouncy balls! Love lots. The colours. The memories of childhood. The joy.

Bubble party ad, I love the idea of this! So wish we could do it in Durham during June! Would be pretty amazing! :)

I'm planning to start sharing things that make me happy and inpire me a bit more, since that was what I initially set up this blog to do. I have a pretty long list, it's just finding pictures to fit the list that is time consuming, and being a person with very little time it's a bit hard, but I will try very hard!

PS: Photos of hair will be taken on Thursday, because it should be washed and nice then AND I have time. :)

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