Thursday, 18 February 2010

Spring Inspiration.

It's been really sunny, freezing, but sunny which has made me start to feel ready for spring! I want to decorate and clean...all this work stuff like essays is really getting in the way, and annoying me a tad! So I thought why not look up some pretty spring like decorations. I really want to redecorate my room, colour and layout. here are some pretties:

Orla the patterns, here are some bed spreads!and a wallpaper!!! Eeee!!And a picture of the wallpaper in use, found at this wonderful blog, am definitly reading that blog more, so many pretty interiors! (All other photos are taken from her blog)
And some more ultra pretty decorations and rooms. :)

I really do have to tidy my room before I start trying to do any of this! It's all so pretty, I can't wait for spring! :)

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