Saturday, 27 February 2010

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

We like tea. By we, I mean Miriam and I. We drink it quite a lot. Today we did not have tea bags, and it was raining...lots. See:
Yuck. So instead of going outside in that horrible looking rain we used tea leaves, and Adrienne's amazing tea strainer ball thing. This is what normal people would do. went so well! We first drained it into a tea pot, as such:
It got a little bit messy, but only a little bit:
A lot of giggling and spilled water/wet tea leaves later we poured it into our cups. Tada:
The result was a half full cup of tea each...YAYS! See happy face:
All worth it! The End.

Rain also meant I skipped a lecture. :) I was pretty wet after going to my I had to change my clothes wet. Why would I go out into that kind of weather for another lecture if I won't do it for tea? I can't give a good reason either, so I stayed home. :) Done a bit of work on my educational research methods essay, and shared this awesome story with you. :) Good times.

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