Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Oh boy!

I was planning to post lovelies yesterday, but found that my computer had been infected by a horrible virus. It seems there is one going around that pretends to be an Anti-virus software and pops up numerous warnings about how your computer is infected and will not let you open a whole bunch of stuff. I spent the whole of yesterday trying to get rid of it with no results. I missed 5 hours of maths lectures! Very annoying, yet probably more enjoyable. :P
Was going to see a friends housemate today to sort it out since following the IT departments instructions had not worked. BUT I turned on my computer just now, hoping that maybe magically it would be gone and Mcafee popped up saying it had found a trojan and I needed to restart my computer. And dada no more virus! I am so happy!!! :D

I now need to shower, have lunch and paint my nails for a rainbow themed social all before my last lecture! The joys of student life!

PS: I really want to rearrange my room, and change the colour scheme! (I change my mind WAY too much over things....I think I have decided I want spring and summer weather, and thus spring and summer looking room...)


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