Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Yes, when I previously told the story about the unique way to say 'dinosaur' it was 'ash-aur', but it has since changed to 'ass-aur', which is worse. Not only that, but this child seems to like asking for dinosaurs ALL the time, with no dinosaurs in his hands, and no dinosaurs in sight. He has also taken to calling quite a few other animals 'ass-aur's'. Yesterday a mum was dropping off her child when her 'ass-aur' child approached her with a tiny tiger toy, he raised it up to her face (she was crouching) and send in his very loud voice 'ASS-AUR' (did I mention he does a pretty mean looking face when he says things loudly?)...her face went red. She didn't know what to say.

I can only imagine wondering around in town with this child yelling 'Ass-aur! Ass-aur!!' is quite embarrassing. We're doing our best to teach him 'dino'.

So: dinosaur, firetruck and clock. All interesting words to ask children to say.

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