Thursday, 6 June 2013

What Colour are You?

One of the children in the Toddler room at work was carrying around three pegs. When I asked why, he replied "This is Mama, this is Papa and this is me." pointing to the two blue pegs and then the orange peg. This prompted me to ask if his mum and dad were blue, to which he said "yes!". I then asked if he was orange, and again he said "yes!". He then wandered off.
Another child, who was sitting at the table whilst this happened, then told me he was black (he's caucasian). We then had the following conversation:
Me: "What colour is your mummy?"
Him: "Blue."
"And what colour is your daddy?"
"What colour is Katie?" (that's me)
"What colour is Katie?"
"What colour is A?" (I feel weird using the children's full names, so you'll get letters)
"What colour is N?"
"What colour is J?"
"What colour is L?"
"What colour is Katie?"

I was both fascinated with the assigning of colours...and the fact that either he didn't want to give me a colour, or I had no colour. Children fascinate me so much.


  1. I've said this before I know, but I love your work posts. kids are so fascinating (and a bit strange) xx

    1. I love that you say it. Your comments are what encourage me to keep sharing work stories. :)