Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mundane Midweek

Charlotte, over at Charlotte's Web, has begun a lovely little series called Mundane Midweek in which she talks about her run of the mill, midweek day. The idea has taken off and lots of people are doing it, and I have been enjoying reading about people's everyday life, so I thought I'd share as well. I've been wanting to for two weeks now...I just haven't, I don't know if that's a sign of how lazy I am, or busy, or exhausted. You can be the judge. Here is my Thursday.

Today I woke up at 7:30, the joys of being on the late shift. I woke to find James had already gone off to the gym, so I started my late shift morning routine. I turned on my laptop, then the kettle to make my coffee and made myself a bowl of Coco Pops. I then snuggled into the sofa and did my morning computer browse: check e-mails, check facebook, check blogs, pinterest, see if Anthropologie has new stuff, check Daily Mail. Whilst browsing Daily Mail I came across Miley Cyrus' new music video. I did not like. It reminds me a lot of Rhianna. I don't like Rhianna. I then put a playdough recipe onto my work usb, looked through photos on our nursery room usb for cute ones of M and H, who are both moving to the Toddler room next week (I am making a sad face as I type this, I love my babies too much). James got back from the gym at about 8:20. He had a shower as I was finishing up work stuff. We both got ready for the day and headed out together, me to work, him to the grocers.

I walked to work. It was an uneventful walk. On Tuesday I almost stepped on a hand sized spider. No such excitement today.

I got to the street our center is on and the whole pavement in front of our entrance had been taped off with signs saying 'Use other footpath'. I didn't. There was no other way to get into work. The taping off was because today they installed a new bell tower (at least that's what I understand) and were setting up the crane to do so. Our center is in a council building. They've been doing work on it since January. It has not been ideal. I kind of started work 10 minutes early because we all had to go to the preschool yard whilst they did crane stuff over the other side of the building. The bell tower is apparently so heavy it would crash through all three floors is it fell, so we moved to the other side of the center. I had some cuddles with M. I then noticed that J was in today (he'd been gone the rest of the week) and went and gave him a massive hug, because I adore my J. He was pretty excited to see me too. One of our kids, who has a dairy allergy, tripped and grazed her chin so I had to fill in an accident form. This led me to realise I know her mums mobile number by heart because I've dialled it enough due to allergy stuff.
We then had to move back to our room whilst they did crane work over the preschool area. I did my nappy round. I don't like nappy changes at the moment. We have this trial with an air-freshener thing, and it smells like someone who has too much perfume on. I really don't like it.
After nappies we did a Hooray for Fish group painting. It turned out pretty awesome. The kids painting with different shades of blue and green and then stuck fish from the book onto the painting.
I went on my lunch break whilst the kids had their lunch, and got back to find most of them asleep. Awesome lunch breaks. I worked on making goodbye cards for M and H. I was interrupted briefly to help get S to sleep because she was having tantrums with my colleague. I gave her a cuddle, lay her down and she went to sleep. Magic powers! I finished the goodbye cards and printed them off. J woke up and then fell asleep again in my arms.

I now feel like I'm going into way too much detail...

The afternoon felt pretty dull. We did some more painting with cars (they 'drive' the cars through paint and then on the paper). K, one of my favourite children, doesn't like getting paint on her hands, but REALLY likes painting. She had issues with one of the cars because the paint was a bit thicker, so whenever she tried to grab the car she would get paint on the tips of her fingers. She would then wipe off the paint on her smock, and go to grab the car again only to get paint on her fingers again. She again wiped it off, and continued the cycle a few more times until she decided she didn't like it and pushed the plate away saying "no" and shaking her head.
We had afternoon tea.
I did my afternoon nappies. Poo. Poo. Wet. Wet. Wet. Wet. Thrilling.
We combined with the Toddler room. M got super clingy and insisted on sitting on my lap, or being in my arms ALL the time. Kids got picked up. I got to go home.
I called James for our daily "Katie is on her way home" phone call. My phone needed to be topped up with credit before tomorrow, so we decided to meet at Broadway. So I walked to Broadway (which is on my way home) and met James. We topped up my phone credit and went to Gloria Jeans for a nice drink. We chatted and decide neither of us felt like cooking tonight.
We got Oporto. Mmmmm, chicken burgers. We got it to take away. After debating for a while whether to take the bus home or walk, we chose to walk. So we walked home.
At home we ate our dinner and watched the Block.
I then showered whilst James made hot chocolate.
Now I am typing this ridiculously long post whilst we watch the Footy Show.

So there is my Mundane Midweek Day.

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