Saturday, 15 June 2013


Today was relaxed.

We intended to do some light tidying (we did our massive tidy after last weekend, and want to try and keep on top of it), but that didn't happen. I did manage to put fresh water in my vases so my flowers last longer, but that's as far as my tidying went.
After a lazy morning of sitting at our computers or playing Skyrim (Can you guess who was doing what?) we went out to finally donate my clothes to our local Vinnies. These clothes had ben sitting in a bin bag in our apartment for around 6 months, so it really was about time to dropped them off. We then went to what is fast becoming one of my favourite little shops to get some pretty wrapping paper for some ugly boxes (I'll share tomorrow). We also picked up some cute magnets for our fridge and another cute shopping bag...because it's no fun doing our part for the environment if we don't look cute doing it, right? We then decided to make the day that bit nicer and had lunch out, which was lovely. We went to a nice Thai place called Thai Riffic (awesome name right?), which is a slightly more upmarket thai place on our thai infested street.
I then took a nice long nap when we got home.
James started making some yum hot chocolates for us to wake me up with, but in true Katie fashion I got up before he could surprise me with them. We had our yum hot chocolates whilst watching the Michael Mcintyre dvd James got for his birthday. Love that man.
I then wrapped our ugly boxes with the pretty wrapping paper whilst James cooked up some Kansas City BBQ sauce.
We then watched the Tony Opening Number, because NPH is legendary. Seriously.

Later we're having homemade burgers, probably whilst watching Season 4 of Arrested Development (anyone else trying to figure out what Portia has done to herself to look so different? She's almost unrecognisable). :)

Awesome relaxed day. How has your Saturday been?

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