Monday, 10 June 2013

Vivid 2013

Last night we went to Vivid with some friends. We met at Darling Harbour which had a firework show on for Vivid. Last year the event was only held at Circular Quay, but we're suspecting that due to how huge it has been the event expanding to Darling Harbour. The fireworks were pretty cool, but I think the highlight of Darling Harbour was buying a light up mohawk and bow. :P
We then fought through the crowds to try and find somewhere to have dinner. We SERIOUSLY underestimated the number of people that would be out on a Sunday night...everywhere was full. We finally found a Noodle Bar that James and his friends had eaten at before and had a yummy shared dinner. Then it was off to the Quay to see how they had lit up the Opera House this year, the answer: WAY better.
Last year we were a bit disappointed with the lighting of the Opera was bland, so this year was heaps better in comparison. We walked around by the water looking at all the different installations, gave a kid James' mohawk and called it a night. It felt a lot more eventful that what I have described. It was a good night out. We shall definitely be going to Vivid again next year. :)

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