Monday, 3 June 2013

Marshall and Lily

We love Marshall and Lily, and like to think we are somewhat like them. By no means do we think we are anywhere as awesome as they are, I mean seriously? Who could possibly be as cool as them?

James' brother turns 21 this year and his girlfriend is pretty set on him having a themed party. Currently the theme is cult classics, but we were hoping it would be TV shows because then we could go as Marshall and Lily. We told James' brothers this over the weekend...the reaction was somewhat unexpected. They basically replied with "WHAAAAAAAAAT? WHAAAAAAT? What?", apparently this is because they had never realised how uncanny the comparison was.

Reasons we are like Marshall and Lily:
-James is tall.
-I am short and have red hair.
-We are awesomely in love.
-We are awesome.
-We are best friends.
-I love art.
-I work in childcare (Lily is a primary school teacher).
-James is majoring in Environment Studies (Marshall is an Environmental Lawyer).

We are currently trying to perfect our awesome high five.

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