Sunday, 16 June 2013

Pretty Boxes

Yesterday I mentioned that we bought some pretty wrapping paper to wrap some ugly boxes in. I also mentioned I would share. At the time I thought this was a great idea. Those ugly boxes look so cute now...but boxes on top of cupboards are maybe not the most interesting, how do you photograph them in a nice way? I don't know. So what I have will have to do.
The store had a whole bunch of pretty papers in pretty colours, I wanted to buy them all and decorate our walls with them. They were that kind of pretty. I settled for wrapping our boxes in them. Still pretty.
I failed to take a before shot, but thankfully during my home tour photos I wasn't careful enough to crop the ugly boxes we have a photo!
 They look much nicer now right? I have my favourites too (I find it hard not to have favourites).

It's always nice when something so easy and inexpensive makes such a difference. I'm thinking DIY washi tape stripes in those kitchen 'arches' may be my next home experiment!

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