Monday, 1 November 2010

Missing HP...

Unfortunately I was VERY tired on Friday so took a nap...due to being VERY tired this nap lasted 2.5hours and meant I slept through the whole of the Harry Potter module.

I tried reading the lecture notes to see what I have missed, and have learnt that missing lectures is a BAD idea...the slides make no sense without having heard/hearing Mr. R's comments on them, he really does add a whole lot of meaning to his lectures IN the lecture. Lesson learnt, hopefully the thoughts for the Common Room will help me understand a little better. :)

On another note, I HAVE MY NEW LAPTOP! It is so pretty and the battery lasts FORVER! It's amazing, and makes working online seem so much more fun...although I think that may be the novelty of the laptop, hopefully it isn't though! Need to sort a few more things out, like getting Word and connecting to my printer, and then TADA! Working time! :P

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