Thursday, 18 November 2010

Long days...

I was hoping to be able to blog more, but have had quite a hectic week or so with school visits and observations, PGCE interviews, basketball matches and cold. I've been so tired.

I have decided that I should carry my camera around with me more. I miss taking photos, maybe I should have tried to keep up with my 365 project. On my walks to the class observations I was doing this week (LONG walks...50mins...was getting up at 7, which was normal in high school, but I am so not used to it now and it's not so fun when your not sleeping well!), but anyways, I saw lots of pretty things on these walks...and really wanted to take photos, but no camera. The cathedral was REALLY pretty, the side I saw had the huge glass work window and new bricks and the morning sun was shining on it, and the sky was blue. So pretty, it must be really nice inside with the sun shining through the window.
Was also REALLY gorgeous on the Tuesday. We had quite a misty day, which started with quite a bit of frost. In the morning though the sun was shining, so with the mist rising from the ground and the sun shining through everything looked so pretty. The school is also situated near a golf course so there was a lot of open fields and prettily placed trees for rays of sun to shine through. Made me think of Keats Ode to Autumn, was so lovely!

Should try and make more time for this. I enjoy it. Take more photos. Update blog more. Sounds so easy! :P

PS: My feet are dead and my legs hurt. Basketball caused massive aching in my legs, which meant I tried to wear flat smart shoes for the school visits...which lead to blisters, which bled because the walk was so long so the rubbing went on for now I can't wear shoes without making walking hurt. My life!

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