Saturday, 13 November 2010

Hello Durham

I had my interview yesterday! Eeeeee. I didn't sleep well the night before, partly due to nerves and partly due to this stupid cold I managed to pick up that day...seriously, my luck! My cold wasn't too bad during the morning though. We got told about the course and what it would include, and then separated into our groups for the "group interview". They basically asked us what we thought made a successful lesson. The other two in my group sounded like they'd really prepared for their interviews coming out with all sorts like preparing for the class, structure, dividing the class based on ability...I started to feel a little useless with my "make it fun" and "get them to learn through play so that they may not even realise they are learning". We then shared our answers with everyone else and moved on to the reading and writing bit. We read a section of the Rose Report on phonics and had to say how we would teach phonics in our class effectively. Whilst doing this they took us out for our individual interviews one at a time.
I felt like my interview went alright...there were points that I think worked for me, but also points that worked against me. They had a set of questions they asked, such as: What did you get out of doing a degree? Do you speak other languages? What did you learn from the placements you did? What kind of teacher do you want to/think you'll be? I hadn't put much thought into those things, so felt like I was repeating myself a lot. I did know what kind of teacher I wanted to be though, and I think she quite liked my answer: a mix of Ms. Honey from Mathilda and Ron Clark: motivation, caring, enthusiasm, creativity and fun. She picked up that those themes ran through most of my answers, and asked if there was an event I had witnessed or been part of that made me feel so strongly about it. I cried...I cry way to much in the Education Department. I think I have only not cried when meeting someone in there...maybe 3 times...thats in the last 2 years. Oh dear! It also seemed to be an issue that I hadn't done any work in a British school, so hadn't had experience with the National Curriculum.
BUT, they have offered me a conditional place, SO none of those things matter! :D Yay!! I will try go into some schools though, just to get a feel before the course starts. :)

So yeah, I should be in Durham again next year! :D Yays!!!

PS: The photo is of the outfit I wore...I felt rather underdressed compared to some others there! But I liked my outfit. :)

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