Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Up and running.

Decorations! It took me a while to get fully happy with my new laptop, and just sorting out my life in general. So I decided I would wait for a new week and start my little routines over again. Here are the photos of the little decorating I did in the house before my dad arrived...I should have been working, but who wants to work? Not me...which really isn't that great when I worry about how little work I have done. But anyways, photos! And paintings. None of them are things you haven't seen before on here, but they are arranged in a different way. The room feels more homey and tidy, to me anyway, with the decorating. I am happy.
In other news, it's becoming very autumny. The trees are losing their red/orange/yellow leaves, the weather is getting cold (so freezing cold) which means the house is getting cold, so so cold, and we are all scared to turn on the heating because I swear someone kept turning it off last year so I don't want to upset that person! :P BUT there are pretty photos to come from all this. Unfortunately I have been neglecting my camera so have not taken advantage of many of there photo opportunities. I did however get a photo of the lovely reflection in the bin/whatever in out garden. :)
So yeah, 2 socials tonight, and work work work tomorrow. Library is the plan, it's often the plan, but I hope to follow through this time! :P Yes yes, I do need to start getting my act together!

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