Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I decorated...

I am trying to post about some cute decorations, interior design or paintings I like on Mondays...BUT I am still setting up my new computer, getting all my files moved across, setting up the printer and all that. This means no cool stuff today, and maybe not for a while til I feel settled. :P

HOWEVER! I did decorate the house a bit on Saturday...procrastination, those articles are never going to be read! And I WILL share lovely photos of it when I get round to it, just so you have a little something to look forward too.

Also, had a very interesting conversation with Sonya about Art today. She's doing something about Post-modernism Art for a module...all very interesting to me, but neither of us are sure what Post-Modernism is, apparently modernism was during the Enlightenment era/stage/years...who knew? Not me. :P So yeah, good chat about art and all that, very lovely and refreshing. :)

I am just rambling now, so I think I'll go see what work needs to be done!

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  1. I wait for the pictures to remind me of the great house decorations