Thursday, 25 November 2010

Mountain Pyjamas

I went into Next the other day to look at plain T-shirts for wearing under things to keep me warm. This may have been a mistake. They had rearranged the shop and had all sorts of lovely, comfy looking pyjamas in. There are three things I'm liking in clothes at the moment...fake tartan (so the design but not the heavy fabric), leopard print and the mountain looking stuff. They had leopard print AND mountain looking pyjamas. The mountain style stuff was REALLY comfy looking though, and snuggly and oh so soft! So I have decided, money provided, that I will get myself some mountain styled pyjamas for the mountains. It is cold up there, and the pyjamas I leave there aren't really that great looking. I like the combinations in the photo above, and was expecting it to be expensive given how nice it all looks BUT depending on which bottoms I want it'll come to either £30 or £35, which for a 3 piece pyjama set is quite good in my books!
In other news it's looking like it might be getting cold around here. (according to my Mac weather forecaster...BBC isn't convinced) It does look pretty cool to see a forecast of snow for the next 6 days. :D
AND AND talking of cozy wear and cold weather doesn't bacon jam just sound amazing? It sounds interesting at the very least. Mmmm...theres a recipe to make your own here. (I also like the way the post is written, very friendly.) :)

I better get working.

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