Friday, 26 November 2010

First Snow this Season - and Thursday Dress day

I wore my lovely tartany dress from Kookai today. :) Layered it over some 'jeggings' (but proper ones...not those ones you can see through which really should be treated just like leggings, these ones get mistaken for jeans...clarifying because I HATE the legging jeggings) and white long sleeve top. Wrapped up warm with a cardigan, and my HUGE, cozy blue cardigan, warm red scarf and winter boots. :) I felt prepared for the snow. :D It was lovely.
I left for my seminar early this morning so that I had time to take photos on the way. I was hoping to get a lovely snowy photo of the Cathedral and Castle, but the snow was heavy and it was cloudy so all I got was this. But if you look carefully you can see the faint outline.
I got to my seminar EARLY, so wondered around the Education Department to see what cute little things I could take photos of.
I went in to my seminar at about 5 to 9, no-one was there...I was starting to wonder if I had the wrong room (wouldn't have been the first time), but no...people were just late because of the snow. Yay! :) After the seminar I had a lecture, so walked on over to that taking photos. I love snow. :)
The moon was visible, and large. REALLY pretty, I am glad I didn't miss it. I'm quite fond of the photo below.

On the way back the sun had come out so everything was looking extra pretty. It's lovely seeing people getting all excited about snow, having snow fights, etc. Really does feel like Christmas is soon (1 month!!! eee!).
So those are my snowy photos from today. We have to somehow go to a formal tonight...that'll be fun in heels! I'll be back later with some warm Christmassy photos to celebrate 1 month until that awesome day!

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