Thursday, 11 November 2010

In the post.

Look what I have! Eeee. Very excited, oh the prettiness that it contains!

In other news, I visited a Special Needs school this morning as part of a module I am doing this year. It was very interesting. The school was for 'BESD' (Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties) students...although the head teacher doesn't like this term because she thinks it puts too much emphasis on the 'behavioural' part which is really only an effect of the emotional and social difficulties; I would agree with her on this point. Because of the nature of the 'disability' the students seemed pretty normal when we had a look in on the classes, however we did see once child having a fit over something and there was obviously some difficulties for some students having a group of strangers come into the classroom. I think it was a nice experience to have though, and will definitely help with the course. :)

I also got my courses all sorted out! There was a definite miscommunication, but it's been sorted so I should be able to access info for ALL my modules soon! YAY!!

Interview tomorrow, eeeee! The closer is gets the better I feel about it. Just be myself. :)

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