Friday, 19 November 2010

Dress day

Dress day today. Feels like forever since I wore a dress...partly due to my interview being on a Thursday and having no appropriate dress, but whatever. :) This is my new buy from Kookai. I love it, so pretty. :D AND omg, those boots don't rub my heels! :O New blister shoes I think. I can now walk outside without excruciating pain to my blisters. Score! (PS: I need to work on my faces in these dress photos!)

In related news it has been brought to my attention that Lanvin is collaborating with H&M. If this means nothing to you thats fine, it meant nothing to me. BUT I had a little looksy and oh my! I am in love with one (or two) or the dresses!
Isn't it just so pretty? They have it in red too...I don't know which I like more. I can't afford it either way, it being about £250 but a girl can dream. (If anyone feels the need to buy me one I'm a size 10/12 :P) They would definitely make the most perfect party dress!
Dress talk done, I should shower and get some work done. that will happen!

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