Monday, 15 November 2010


We had a match last night. We were a little nervous and contemplating not playing since we only had 5 players, all relatively short (remind me why we play basketball again?) up against a large team, height and number, who won their first match by 25points. So basically we had no subs, and they had loads.
We decided to play though, it was so the right decision! Our zone (defence) was AMAZING, and we were keeping up with their team. We scored the first basket, we stayed calm, we had fun. They got increasingly frustrated that our tiny little team was doing this. It was cool. The resorted to a full court press at half time, so basically tried to stop us from getting away from their basket when we got possession of the ball, but that made very little difference. They did win, but by 2 baskets...not much to brag about considering the circumstances. We're very proud of our little team. :D GO HAWKS!
In other news...I have loads of work, and am coping with the stress of it by not doing any work...sometimes the way my brain works confuses me. Hehe. I'll get on top of it eventually. :D

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