Sunday, 28 November 2010

Our walk to "basketball"...

The boys had a match at 16:00 and we wanted to go support them. I had contacted Team Durham to check matches weren't cancelled due to the snow and they said they hadn't so we headed of at 15:30. Our little adventure:
I love the houses along Claypath, they are so mismatch and colourful. :) Looks even prettier with snow on the roofs.
The sky was really pretty behind the Cathedral too, I do love Durham. :)
Around this part of the walk we got calls to say that the matches had been cancelled because Maiden Castle has closed so it's staff could get home safely. Yay, night in with X factor. Good times, so we enjoyed out little walk and took some more photos. :)
Cathedral again, so pretty, eee. :)
And then Adrienne made her very first Snow Angel. YAY! Hehe, she's so cute!
And then off to home.

Our mat outside the house has frozen under the snow. You may refer to my photo from Thursday to see how it has changed. :) I'm loving the may get annoying soon, but so far it's been beautiful and not too cold. :D

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