Thursday, 1 December 2011

Advent wish list #1

Red canvas Toms.
So, I'm pretty bad at telling people what I want as a present...I don't know why, I think it's something to do with not wanting people to have to spend money on me, and knowing I have a very specific taste and a somewhat expensive taste. I am much fonder of giving presents than I am of receiving. But for those few people that keep asking I thought I'd do an Advent wish list, each day sharing something I am currently lusting after. It's not to say you have to get me these things exactly, but I suppose it helps you to know where my head is at the moment...which is pretty much all over the place! :P

My first Advent wish list item is Toms. Through my internet blog following I've heard quite a lot of nice things about these shoes. I'm not quite sure if I love them, they aren't like super cute, but they do look super comfy, and I'm in Australia now, I can get away with super comfy and less super cute (plus I could probably make them look awesome paired up with the right things...:P). Also, for every pair of shoes bought a pair is donated to children without shoes, so gifting a pair of Toms is like a double may feel twice as good. So, yeah, here are some I like (I noticed they are blacks and reds...I think thats Christmas' effect, I do like most of the colours...but if you know me you'll know which I like more.) :)
Charcoal canvas Toms. 
Red cordones. 
Black sequinned Toms.
(The cordones look the cutest)


  1. One of your presents will arrive next wednesday - your bed :D I will take photos once I have dressed it. So exciting!!!

    ( I agree the cordones are the nicest )

  2. I have grey wool TOMS cordones - they're great! :)

    Sizing is a bit difficult sometimes tho, as they're meant to fit snugly, but mine ended up a bit *too* snug. However, they do stretch a bit as you wear them, so mine ended up ok anyway! If you get a chance to try them on in a shop rather than just buy them online, that would definitely be the best way...

  3. They do look great! I ordered two pairs online the other day, fingers crossed they fit! The comment online said that the cordones were on the larger side, so I went for half a size smaller than I usually wear...although I am usually between 2 sizes anyway, so I'm hoping it all works out fine! It they are *too* snug I'm glad they will stretch as I wear them!! :)