Sunday, 11 December 2011


The remains of the hail in the back garden.
Today James and I went to the Plaza to get me some clothes. My new possible job has an all black dress code, not too tight or short, got to look presentable, etc. etc. and I didn't have anything black (I know, I was surprised too). Since I have a sort of trial run tomorrow I thought it would be best to turn up well presented and dressed to the dress code, so we went out to get a black outfit. The shopping was a success, I look like I should be working in a restaurant or a childcare centre in my little outfit. BUT whilst we were shopping there was a HUGE storm. It started got super bad just as we were deciding what to get for lunch, with the lights in the shopping centre all switching off for about 30seconds, and thus all the machinery not working afterwards. So it took a while for us to get a meal, since tills weren't opening, but we got something. In the mean time there was some MASSIVE thunder, I jumped, quite a bit. It was LOUD. The rain just got heavier and heavier. James got a call from his mum saying it was actually hail and telling him not to drive until it calms down. So we wondered around the stores some more. It most definitely was hail, you could hear it everywhere you went. It was so heavy the roof was actually leaking. It was pretty cool.
It eventually calmed down and we left. The drive home was quite interesting. There was one HUGE 'puddle' (it as kind of too big to call a puddle) that we had to drive through, and some of the trees we drove past had been knocked over by the storm. It definitely didn't look like summer.
The view out of the car as we drove through the 'puddle' 
The view out the front from in the 'puddle'
Poor tree.
This isn't a very happy, pretty post, but it was a pretty awesome storm. It supposed to be similar weather the next few days. Yays! :P I wonder when I'm going to experience the "Australian summer" I've heard about!

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