Monday, 26 December 2011

A little Christmassy update

Salmon pate.
So Christmas was pretty awesome. We got up around 9ish, had some tea, etc. I was extremely tired and ill feeling as I had managed to get a blocked nose, but whatever. We opened presents pretty early so that we could get working on some final jobs before everyone came for Christmas at 16:00. I got some pretty neat things...I will try take some photos. I am very grateful to have received stuff. :) Very nice of people. So after that we got on with little jobs, like getting ice, moving tables, preparing dips etc. I had a nap because I was tired. We had some prawns, and some scrambled egg on toast with bacon and smoked salmon. Was a pretty nice morning/early afternoon. Then people arrived!!

I am happy to say the salmon pate went down well. :) AND it came out in the moulds, which is awesome. Very happy. We sat around, chatted, drank some yum Champagne cocktails. It was nice. Dinner was super yum. Had a prawn cocktail starter, and then lots of yummy meats and veg for main. The lamb was particularly good!! I then snuck away for a little chat with my family, and returned for dessert: white chocolate mousse with mango, pistachio and raspberries. It was good. :D We also made some Gingerbread men to have with tea and coffee. Yums!!!
Our awesome Gingy's, James made, I iced.
Today we went round to James' grandparents for lunch. There were gifts from the previous day that had not yet ben opened, so we had all that to do after a yum lunch. I got a pretty awesome gift from Matt and Michelle...some "Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth" slippers. If you don't recognise where they are from you may very well need to educate yourself with the awesomeness of Monty Python!
My new slippers.
Attacking James' leg! 
Evil bunny!!!
The rather funny Certificate of Authenticity.
I'm loving them. For those of you who are not aware of this rabbit, you may want to watch the clip below...or the whole of the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie. :)

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  1. The food you had sounds absolutely amazing, I love those slippers too. Enjoy the rest of your day!