Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve To do

Photo from Last Xmas.
Oh man is/was there a lot to do today!!! We started off pretty good, full of momentum. Got up for 8 to go for a run (James, Will and I). We all decided we are super unfit due to our out of breathness after like ever little bit of running, so we're going running every other day, and playing some kind of sport on the other days, like Basketball or Cricket (I may not partake in the cricketness...we'll see). I then showered, and then James and I went out looking for some awesome blue trousers. Blue trousers were part of my new Xmas outfit...but they didn't fit nice, and I wasn't going to spend money of something I wasn't happy with, so we went at got an iced-drink. The trip wasn't a total waste since we found some gingerbread shaped cutters, yays!
I was then super pumped to get back and make Salmon pate...but people had woken up. I'm a very odd people but non-people person. I LOVE working at Reception and my new job with kids. I adore the talking to people, learning about them, and happy company. BUT when I have things I want to get done, people bug me, I don't like people being around, especially for house chores, I tend to do them when I have an empty/relatively empty house. So no Salmon pate the kitchen had turned into a non-workable room again.

I've spent the afternoon either hiding in James' room (which I have tidied in my hiding time) and helping James with some tidying. Today is super tidy day, Christmas is being held here tomorrow. So EVERY room and ALL of outside is getting a super tidy. I don't know what to do, it's not my house, I don't know where things I'm just hiding, feeling a bit useless. :P

We're also planning on going to see some Christmas lights this evening, making the gingerbread men and the Salmon pate and going the the midnight's no wonder my back is hurting. :P

So yeah, Christmas Eve is feeling a bit more hectic than I thought I'd ramble about it here. Hope you all have a stress-free Christmas Eve. Have a coffee, play a board game, enjoy the weather...and lets hope you haven't left all the tidying until today! :)


  1. Hey, I really love your blog, so I've passed on a blog award to you :) Take a look if you get a chance xx

  2. Hey! I saw :D I loved your post, so cute! I also left two comments...because I failed to recognise my blogs name before I wrote the first one... :) You are so sweet. :)