Sunday, 4 December 2011

101 Dreams - Dream 12

One of my drawings from an IB project of mine (I know there's a lot of rain...)
Dream 12 - Illustrate a children's book. I'm not sure I could write one, but I would definitely enjoy drawing one. When I was younger I used to LOVE Jacqueline Wilson books, and one of my favourite things about them was the illustrations by Nick Sharratt (he was like my favourite person in the world for quite some time). He visited our Primary school to promote some books when I was about 12, and we managed to arrange for me to see him since I loved his drawings so much. It was pretty awesome, I remember being pretty excited he liked my drawings! (although he did share some he did when he was younger...they were way better than mine!) So I would love to be an illustrator like him, it's sort of been a sideline dream career for a while. :)

So if anyone has written a children's book and would like an illustrator, let me know! :D

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