Monday, 19 December 2011

The last month

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The last month has been a bit of a hectic month. So much has changed. After about 2 weeks I was getting upset I hadn't found a job yet, after 3 weeks I had one. When speaking to people in my job I realised just how quick 3 weeks was to get a job and started to regret not enjoying the time before it. I've not really being making the most of any of the time I have, I've been feeling rather low. I believe I may be stressed. In a conversation with my mum she mentioned I had probably gone through some of the most stressful things a person has to over the last month. I haven't gone through the top 10 most stressful, but I have got a pretty long list of things that are stress inducing. I did the research, like I do, and found a list with scores by Holmes and Rahe, the 43 most stressful things that lead to illness. Hehe...already sounds so bad. I put the list in excel and got James to go through the list and mark how many times each event had happened to me in the last month, that way it's not me making it worse than it is. It's supposed to be done over a year of a persons life, with  a score of 150-299 meaning risk of illness is moderate and a score above 300 means you are at risk. I think my score for the last month was something like 244. Hehe. I don't wholly trust these sort of things, but I think I can at least take away from it that I may be stressed, and so maybe start trying to be nice to myself and focus on more positives. I'm working on it. :)

On another note, the pretty shoes I ordered look like they won't make it here for Xmas...which is a bit poo because I had incorporated them into my christmas outfit. Ho hum, I suppose now I don't need to buy the dress to go with them. :P Back to the drawing board!