Tuesday, 6 December 2011

To Do takeover

Watching Will play touch Rugby.
I'm To Do-ing. It's making me feel good. So far I am feeling very accomplished! :P

Todays To Do were:
-Watch Midnight in Paris. I so recommend you see it if you don't. it's got me wanting to move to Paris, and have a wonderfully arty life. I will settle with a wonderfully arty life if I can't move to Paris, but gosh  it makes me want to live dreams and not get sucked into the mundane routine that seems to be what society forces us into.
-Visit Kikki.k. I got gifted a voucher for there (yays!), so I am carefully choosing how to spend it. Man I love that shop.
-blog (3 times in a day? Thats what not having a job does for you!)
-phone bank
-work on guest posts for Tripping.com (seriously, check them out!)
-Go to a quiz

Working on blog posts - I'm putting a lot of effort in.
So far I've done all but the quiz, which I shall soon be getting ready for. It's been a pretty swell day. :) Lets hope tomorrow is just as awesome!

(Foot photos last week were awful...I sucked at taking photos, but as you can see I have two this week, and I'm happy with them so far!)

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