Wednesday, 28 December 2011

We went for a walk

We went for a walk today. We've kind of wanted to get out a bit more in Canberra, but the weather hasn't always been I didn't have the shoes for it. BUT Once I got my job I decided I could spend some money on some nice walking/running shoes. We have been out for a couple of runs and walks since then. It feels good. :) I love the gentle ache I get after exercise. So today was nice weather, and we took advantage. We went for a walk around the suburby area James' family lives in, a walk his mum had told us about. It was REALLY nice. The views were lovely, the weather was nice, and there were a lot of butterflies (there was a bit of the walk which was like walking through a wasp many big, weird fly things...but that was short). :) AND I took photos!! Yays!!! So here's some photos from our walk:
My new shoes! Nike Free Run +2...I believe.  
I enjoyed the walk. Hopefully we can go on more. :)